[recent work]济南市柳埠国家森林公园生态经济价值评估

Evaluation of Ecological Economic Functions of Jinan Liubu National Forest Park

结果表明,济南市柳埠国家森林公园的生态经济总价值为5.14亿/年,其中生态旅游价值占近57%是最为重要的价值。这一结果体现了生态服务功能带来的价值远远超过传统 我们认为的自然资源价值,因而对于森林公园的开发利用要从可持续发展角度出发,结合科学发展观合理开发规划,以充分发挥森林公园的生态服务价值进而改善人民福利。

Abstract:Forest, as the main body of land ecosystem, plays an important role in global ecosystem.The research of evaluation of its ecological economic functions will benefit human beings' wellbeing and have significant influence on sustainable development. At present, many scientists from the area of ecology and economics focus on using different methods to estimate the value. This article uses several scientific methods to establish a entire system with more than 10 indexes to estimate the value of these services. To measure them, we start from the combination of ecological and economic analysis means. We take into account both traditional ones like the sale value of woods , and ecological ones like the service values of eco-tourism, water storage and air quality purifying. In our conclusion, the total value of Jinan Liubu national forest park is 514 million RMB per year. As the largest proportion, the value of eco-tourism hold nearly 57% of the whole, which lead it to the most important part. This result indicates that ecological functions, such as water storage, eco-tourism and erosion control  of the forest exceeds the traditional value (i.e. natural resources) in a large extent. Therefore, the utilization of forest should be based on the conception of sustainable development, and consider different aspects together to fully enjoy the profound value for
every individual's welfare.

Evaluation of Ecological Economic Functions of Jinan Liubu

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