Get to know India

To be honest, we started to hear India just in 2 years. Many friends around me thought India a very poor and underdeveloped country. But the book called The World is Flat changed our idea and more news told us that India was catching up with China in recent years.
Today I watchedthe moive called Outsourced which tells the real world in India just like what we can see in the book above. The first feeling of me is shocking. India is still India, but maybe the fact is far beyond our imagination.

the wamen carry things
 above their head.

the crowded train

Jump to the train!

old train station

First sight out of the train station, there are so many old yellow cars!

Ok, we have known how the modern India looks like followed the heroine.
But do those represent the whole India? Of course NOT!
The beautiful city and beach road can be seen everywhere with clear air and blue sky. And there are also many interesting things in India.

A big water pool

Local McDonald's?

Romantic Suite

I have to say that India has many traditional things whether we can accept them or not. They are already exsited there and if you are getting to know India you should first get to know the traditions.
Next I will write some comments about the moive in Chinese for my readers.

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