install R on Centos 6

following this thread:

Installing the latest R on CentOS:

Add the latest EPEL repository which you can find from here. Don’t forget to add the 64 bit f you are using a 64 bit OS. I have a CentOS release 5.8, 64 bit (Check the Ubuntu installation section of this document if you don’t know your Linux distribution or whether it is 64 or 32 bit ) and I used the following script to add the proper repository:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh

then I got the error

follow this page:

Walkthrough Steps

Running this command will update the repo to use HTTP rather than HTTPS:

sudo sed -i "s/mirrorlist=https/mirrorlist=http/" /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo

You should then be able to update with this command:

yum -y update

then I am able to install R...


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